Michael Fleming. Composer

BAFTA Shorts 2013 Trailer

Sections of my score to 'Here to Fall' were chosen by BAFTA as the trailer music for the shortlisted films in the 2013 'Film Shorts' category

In 2011 we asked Michael Fleming to score our first short, 'Here To Fall'. The film had no dialogue so the score needed to underpin the visuals without overawing them. This is something Michael achieved effortlessly and in no small part contributed to 'Here To Fall' being nominated for a BAFTA in 2013. In fact, part of the score was subsequently chosen by BAFTA  for their Film Shorts selection trailer. 

Michael is a rare talent who is capable of sketching out comprehensive drafts after the briefest of discussions and then  remains true and committed to a project's creative vision until its conclusion. We will continue to work with him on our key projects into the future.

Evelyn McGrath & Kris Kelly