Michael Fleming. Composer

Voices from the Grave: Capture & Escape

Brendan Hughes escapes from Long Kesh Prison and escapes across the border into the Republic of Ireland. David Ervine gets caught with explosives and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

Voices from the Grave tells the story of the Northern Ireland Troubles through the unflinching testimony of two men who were on opposite sides of that bloody conflict, the IRA’s Brendan Hughes and the UVF’s David Ervine. Nearly ten years ago they talked to researchers from Boston College with the understanding that the interviews would be not be made public unless the interviewees either gave permission or died. Hughes and Ervine are both dead and this documentary tells the story of their wars in their own voices.

Produced & Directed by Kate O Callaghan & Patrick Farrelly

We worked with Michael on two very different feature documentary projects: one about the Northern Ireland Troubles and the other which featured a personal journey by Marian Finucane into the life of her friend, Nuala O’Faolain. The extraordinary work that Michael did on both of these complex films was a vital part of their success. In what is often a demanding and stressful process Michael is a cool, intelligent presence. He also enjoys the give and take of the creative process, is very intuitive and not at all precious about his enormous talent.

Patrick Farrelly & Kate O’Callaghan. Director/Producer. Nuala, Voices from the Grave. Jaha's Promise