Michael Fleming. Composer

Damned Englishman

'Damned Englishman' tells the story of Erskine Childers, ‘...the capable, able, principled traitor...’ who betrayed his country, his class, his culture and paid with his life. It was the first episode in the docudrama series, Bású (Execution) which aired on TG4 in November 2012 and dealt with the bitter legacy of Irish Civil War executions.

Produced and directed by Blackrock Pictures

We engaged Michael Fleming to write the music score for a five-part television history series, ‘Bású/Execution.’ It dealt with the lives of five very different individuals executed during the Irish Civil War in 1922.

His music set the tone of the production in the opening animation theme music repeated in each of the programmes. From there on it carried us through a variety of emotional sequences - conveying the innocence of childhood, the grandeur of Empire in archive material, the solitude of one-man sailing, the cut-an-thrust of parliamentary debates. We re-enacted action-packed shoot-outs, high-tension gun-running, hill-walking, exchange of love-letters, wedding music, assassination. Above all his music orchestrated sensitive transitions from the high-energy camaraderie of revolution through the bitter taste of betrayal, the poignancy of brother against brother to the stark finality required of execution scenes.

Often working to tight deadlines, Michael managed all these transitions with remarkable good humour and deceptive nonchalance. He carries a wonderful talent easily.

Jerry O Callaghan. Director. Bású/Execution.