Michael Fleming. Composer

The Enemies

If you were given the time to make something at the risk of letting it disappear forever, would you take it?

Such is the dilemma facing condemned author and playwright Jaromir Hladik, for whom time stands still in Jorge Luis Borges’ story The Secret Miracle. Using projected visuals and live and recorded music, the viewer is led through a multi-roomed installation, revealing the fantastical nature of Borges’ story Hladik’s isolated universe and inevitable end.

Produced & Directed by Miranda Driscoll & Michael Fleming in association with Dublin ABSOLUT Fringe Festival 2009 and The Joinery Gallery
Nomination:  Best Production, Dublin Fringe Festival, 2009.

This is what a fringe festival is about: experimentation and taking risks that repay. Miranda Driscoll and Michael Fleming’s compelling production blurs the boundaries between art installation and performance. The Enemies isan abstract interpretation of The Secret Miracle, a Borges story, where a condemned man is given respite to complete his cello masterpiece. A man lies folded and still on a bed, and above him, a series of haunting images flashes like the process of memory recalling a life and an uncompleted journey. The audience then journey on with the memory of him in their heads, passing through a series of empty and darkened interconnecting rooms, where hypnotic projected images and cello music finally fuse beautifully. Whether it’s art installation or theatre, the cumulative effect is both visceral and moving.

The Enemies ****

The Irish Times Review – September ’09