Michael Fleming. Composer

Journey To An Absolute Vantage Point

'Journey To An Absolute Vantage Point combines a live performance of a specially commissioned tango music score and a fiction told to us by a German actress speaking in English, with images recorded in the grounds of Schloss Charlottenburg in Berlin. The royal park is the setting for a meeting between a man and a woman whose goal it is to exchange information for unrevealed purposes. Part romance, part spy film, part documentary, these genres are fused with references to other artists and art works including Caspar David Friedrich and Beethoven. The relationship between music, images and text shift and collide as clichéd sentiment and dramatic tension are employed to build the narrative to a pivotal scene, in which the fictitious couple have an argument......'

The project was made possible with support from Artquest/ACAVA Berlin Residency Award, The Elephant Trust,  and The Arts Council of Ireland

Working with Michael was a brilliant experience. His enthusiasm for music is infectious and his intuition and understanding of what I was after surpassed my expectations. I felt like we were speaking the same language. Thanks again Michael and it would be great to work with you again in the future.

Michelle Deignan. Artist. Journey to an Absolute Vantage Point