Michael Fleming. Composer


This is the story of Nuala O Faolain, told by her friend Marian Finucane, the RTÉ radio presenter to whom she turned when she was dying of cancer. That interview transfixed the Irish public with its frank and unorthodox approach to facing death.
In this feature documentary Finucane goes behind the dramatic episodes of O’Faoláin’s life to paint a personal picture of a woman struggling without a roadmap and with only her own fierce intelligence to guide her. She was a woman of many contradictions: the enthusiastic heterosexual whose most lasting relationship was with another woman; the feminist who adored a father who abandoned his family and publicly betrayed his wife.

Winner: Best Irish Film - Jameson Dublin international Film Festival.
Winner: Most Popular international Documentary - Venice Film Festival 2012

Produced & Directed by Kate O Callaghan & Patrick Farrelly

Michael Fleming’s score accentuates the mood without resorting to heavy-handedness. 

The Hollywood Reporter Review of 'Nuala'- February 2013

Production values, from the glowingly lit, intimately framed interviews (lensed by Kate McCullough) to the sound to Michael Fleming’s music, are tops.

Variety Magazine Review of 'Nuala' - October 2012

We worked with Michael on two very different feature documentary projects: one about the Northern Ireland Troubles and the other which featured a personal journey by Marian Finucane into the life of her friend, Nuala O’Faolain. The extraordinary work that Michael did on both of these complex films was a vital part of their success. In what is often a demanding and stressful process Michael is a cool, intelligent presence. He also enjoys the give and take of the creative process, is very intuitive and not at all precious about his enormous talent.

Patrick Farrelly & Kate O’Callaghan. Director/Producer. Nuala, Voices from the Grave. Jaha's Promise